I’m Not Your Whitest Black Friend. Nobody Is.

I wasn’t sure I’d heard her correctly over the deafening bass and snare. The 12-inch speakers were barely a foot away.  Surely she hadn’t said, “You’re the whitest black guy I know!” But it turns out she had. My close friend of almost a year finally breached that ground. I can't

The Boy in the Picture Frame

“You don't know me but I wrote a novel about you.” These are the words I shared with him, with a bucket of colorful flowers in my cold hands, two weeks after his funeral. If you can bear with me, let me share my story. I was 16, depressed and in the clutches

The Opposite of a Compliment

I was at a loft party in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. There were bawdy lady performers: a sort of classical music  group singing about their lovers and a comedienne joking about giving birth in the middle of an opera performance (there was wine spilled on the stage to simulate water breaking and a

But You’re Supposed to Go to the Police #YesAllWomen

Editor's Note: This article deals explicitly with intimate partner violence and sexual assault, and may be stressful or triggering for some.
I’ve been sitting on this story for a long time, it’s been in the draft box on my blog for over two years. I have wanted to share, but just

Walk a Mile: Paperback Profit Psychosis

I was standing outside a deli in Park Slope, Brooklyn on the day I went truly insane. Unemployed and desperate for money, my hobby of scouring the web for free books and reselling them had reached the point of bizarre. The plan had been simple: find the free book ads online, pick

Walk a Mile: On Not Eating

Or Three Weeks Inside My Broken Brain

Girl falling in Restricted Eating Art

I HAVE A SECRET NOBODY KNOWS. Sometimes I don't let it out of its box in my mind. For months, even years at a time. Sometimes its whispers

Exorcisms: Troubled

Pretend that you are an alien. You have never been to this planet before and you know nothing of its technology, cultures, norms, whatever – you don’t know anything about this strange place. You don’t know what the inhabitants of this planet look like, what they do, what they care

Walk A Mile: Taking Care

She doesn’t use her dishwasher or her oven anymore.

Correction -- she uses these things, but not in the manner in which they were intended to be used.  They have become filing cabinets of sorts.  The top rack of the dishwasher is where she stores paper towels.  Not rolls of