The Awesome and Not-So-Awesome Emmy Awards

Another year, another Emmys and another night of Kat going to sleep late cursing that someone from a show she loves “got robbed.” This year was extra special because my cable box broke at the last minute and I got to scramble around the Internet looking for a legit livestream!

The Doctor is Back, and Better Than Ever

Full disclosure: I am a complete and utter pop culture junkie, self-described nerd, and in general hapless geek. My SO is also of that bent. We began dating over a mutual love of SCA, Game of Thrones, Madden, tabletop RPG’s and of course, Doctor Who. Since the stunning regeneration of

Will the Kids Be Alright? Or Am I Just Old?

It never fails. Every week I’m watching either Pretty Little Liars or MTV’s Finding Carter (yes, Mark, I’m aware I’m 30 years old and not a teenager, stop hating!) and there is always a part of an episode that sets me on edge. Underage Aria is about to hook up

I Watched “I Want to Marry Harry” So You Don’t Have To

You're welcome. Here Be Spoilers I am not the type of person who watches The Bachelor/Bachelorette type shows because they all seem obnoxious and fake (although I did watch “Flavor of Love”--don’t judge me! It was Flavor Flav!) But late one night (it’s always late at night) my Hulu recommended I watch

The Dead Girl Trope and My True Detective Revelation

WARNING: If for some reason you have not seen True Detective yet, this article contains serious spoilers. We’ve seen it so many times that it doesn’t even register in our minds. Two men (usually good looking)  get called in to a crime scene in the woods only to find: Her--The Dead Girl. The details

Drop Everything and Watch Orphan Black Now

The future has arrived and it is Orphan Black, a trailblazer for women-centric shows everywhere. The only other show I could maybe compare it to is Orange Is the New Black  because it has a mostly female cast but that’s where the comparison ends; Orphan Black goes beyond that. Tatiana

Orphan Black Recap: “To Hound Nature In Her Wonderings”

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Orphan Black, “To Hound Nature In Her Wonderings,” then keep reading so I can spoil it all for you!

Secrets … Revelations … More secrets … SURPRISE REVELATION! DUN DUN DUUUNNN!!!   Sarah and Helena: Sestra Road Trip Adventures!