Nostalgics Anonymous

On more than one occasion I’ve been accused of living in the past. This is a playful jab rather than a serious indictment, but I’m the first to put my hands up and say, “Guilty as charged.” I am a nostalgia junkie. It’s my most favorite vice, faster and

The Fire Challenge

Before we raise our lighters in tribute to the impending “dislike” button, let us not forget The Fire Challenge. Last summer, soon after the Ice Bucket Challenge had gained chilling popularity in my news feed, I scrolled into a video post entitled, “Fire Challenge Gone Wrong.” Not without a flashback

Writing on the Wall

Nikki Burdine wants to be my Facebook friend. Nikki Burdine is something of a minor celebrity; she’s an occasional news anchor and frequent reporter for one of our local television channels. Just this morning she popped up on the morning news show, covering for an absent colleague; I watched her