Amanda Daniels: The Right to Feel Safe?

I'm writing this in support of Amanda Daniels. Amanda was in a band called Enabler. Their record La Fin Absolue Du Monde is one of the best extreme punk/metal albums of the last ten years. Then things got shitty. New pending album Fail To Feel Safe (Century Media) does not include Amanda

Is Rape Culture Awareness Making College Men Celibate?

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A few years ago, one of my male co-workers was telling a story about his first semester at college. Let's call him Ted. Ted had just gotten back from a party, and walked into his dorm room to find his roommates having rough sex with a

But You’re Supposed to Go to the Police #YesAllWomen

Editor's Note: This article deals explicitly with intimate partner violence and sexual assault, and may be stressful or triggering for some.
I’ve been sitting on this story for a long time, it’s been in the draft box on my blog for over two years. I have wanted to share, but just