Two Is Company, a Threesome is Chaos.

If anything, I believe a threesome involves too much work.
A few weeks ago, I was reading about former Spice Girl, Mel B’s divorce from husband, Stephen Belafonte, after ten years of marriage. I came across an article that purported their open marriage as the reason for the marriage

Will the Kids Be Alright? Or Am I Just Old?

It never fails. Every week I’m watching either Pretty Little Liars or MTV’s Finding Carter (yes, Mark, I’m aware I’m 30 years old and not a teenager, stop hating!) and there is always a part of an episode that sets me on edge. Underage Aria is about to hook up

Masturbate Theater: Toys at Every Price

There are so many toy options out there, choosing the one that’ll be the most fun for you is no joke! Whether you’re a toy virgin or an old hand looking to build your collection, there’s something on this list for every taste and price point. So, why should you let

Crippling Student Loan Debt? Auction Your Virginity

It’s hard out there for a grad student. Even more so if you’re a 28-year-old medical student, self-described as an “extremely picky virgin-whore.” Elizabeth Raine, however, isn’t doing this for financial gain or 15 minutes of fame. Instead, she says, “What makes my virginity auction truly distinctive is that I