Two Is Company, a Threesome is Chaos.

If anything, I believe a threesome involves too much work.
A few weeks ago, I was reading about former Spice Girl, Mel B’s divorce from husband, Stephen Belafonte, after ten years of marriage. I came across an article that purported their open marriage as the reason for the marriage


It is an immeasurable shame to have been branded with something so public, from which you cannot escape.


I wake to a pounding at my bedroom door and my father’s booming voice: "Tell that mother fucker if he wants to show his face around here

Locking the Door

One time, not recently but a few months ago, I watched my boyfriend close and lock the door to our apartment. After walking two and a half blocks away from our place, I felt the deep compulsion to go back and check that the door was locked. I fought the

You’re Supposed to Love Me More

“I think we need to talk.” No good has ever, in the history of spoken language, come from those words. He is standing across the room from me, near the doorway. He has me in plain sight, the only point of egress covered. Still, he feels

Survival is a Process

The first time he hit me was in February. In my mind he was a model boyfriend for a very long time before things got bad, which is why I continued to date him: because he had proved for many months how good he was and the instances

The Boy in the Picture Frame

“You don't know me but I wrote a novel about you.” These are the words I shared with him, with a bucket of colorful flowers in my cold hands, two weeks after his funeral. If you can bear with me, let me share my story. I was 16, depressed and in the clutches

Everyone is Pregnant But Me

Everyone is pregnant but me.  That sentence repeats ad nauseum in my head throughout the course of most days.  Of course, these thoughts are all the more prevalent now that four - four! - women in my workplace have announced their pregnancies one right after the other.  They chatter and