Let That Shit Go: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Do

This past February, I decided to walk away from a lucrative advertising career. I contemplated it for an entire year beforehand. My initial plan was to save some money, take off for a few months, and work on my art projects. While I was excited about expressing the artistic side

Voices of Domestic Violence: Corner House

Editor's Note: This essay contains strong depictions of domestic violence that some readers might find upsetting.
Memories of the beatings still haunt me while I am awake. Vivid like a movie complete with digital surround sound, the memories invite me in like an old familiar friend I haven't seen in years. As

The Opposite of a Compliment

I was at a loft party in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. There were bawdy lady performers: a sort of classical music  group singing about their lovers and a comedienne joking about giving birth in the middle of an opera performance (there was wine spilled on the stage to simulate water breaking and a

I Don’t Drink

Hi, my name is Alexis and I don’t drink. I’ve never had a problem with alcohol and I’m not “sober” as defined by AA , I’m “sober” because I don’t like drinking.  While I can’t speak to the struggles of those working toward sobriety and changing their entire lives, I

Walk a Mile: On Not Eating

Or Three Weeks Inside My Broken Brain

Girl falling in Restricted Eating Art

I HAVE A SECRET NOBODY KNOWS. Sometimes I don't let it out of its box in my mind. For months, even years at a time. Sometimes its whispers