The New Racism

“Hey, I’m not racist but ...” I always love to hear that statement because everything after that is the soft-porn of racism. “Hey, I’m not racist or anything but why can’t those people get off of welfare?” “I’m not racist, but I think that Somali women can’t drive.” “Is it racist to say that

NRA: Niggaz and Rifles Association

Who hasn’t seen Die Hard?  I have only like 20 billion times. Each time, I dream of how cool it would be to hold out and fight a group of terrorists. Just me and my trusty 9mm taking out armed assassin after assassin. Somewhere in my heart I think I

I’m Not Your Whitest Black Friend. Nobody Is.

I wasn’t sure I’d heard her correctly over the deafening bass and snare. The 12-inch speakers were barely a foot away.  Surely she hadn’t said, “You’re the whitest black guy I know!” But it turns out she had. My close friend of almost a year finally breached that ground. I can't