Kratom Users Fight the Federal Ban of a Medicinal Plant

Detractors have called it “herbal heroin.” Advocates call it a harmless natural alternative to addictive prescription drugs that improves mental wellbeing and restores a healthy, pain-free life without side-effects. What is the real story behind the upcoming federal ban on Kratom, a plant that is unfamiliar to most Americans? The Kratom

Choose Your Own Adventure: Midterm Elections 2014

Did you know there are midterm elections coming up on Tuesday, November 4th?  Based on the fact that most Americans don’t participate, it’s a fair question to ask. Perhaps it’s because it’s not as splashy as the presidential elections, or we don’t recognize the importance of our local state officials.

The Advent of the .gop Domain Is Upon Us, And It’s Fantastic

Yesterday, after much anticipation, the first political top-level domain (TLD), .gop, was fully rolled out and made available to the public for name registration. Now anyone, anywhere, can purchase a website ending in .gop and officially associate their cause with the United States Republican Party for as little as $20.16

The World’s Most Perfect Chocolate Cake

Perfect Chocolate Cake Recipe |Frosting Ingredients

  Birthday Collage I COME FROM A LONG LINE of political people. My great grandfather became a lobbyist for an aircraft manufacturer after he served in World War I, my grandfather was a town selectman in a small Pennsylvania town and my mother was