The Awesome and Not-So-Awesome Emmy Awards

Another year, another Emmys and another night of Kat going to sleep late cursing that someone from a show she loves “got robbed.” This year was extra special because my cable box broke at the last minute and I got to scramble around the Internet looking for a legit livestream!

Louie and the Fat Lady: “Why Do Men Hate Us?”

Louis C.K. brought back his show Louie for a fourth season and got everyone talking about the episode “Model,” in which Louie got to hook up with the very attractive Yvonne Strzechowski, and got in some trouble after accidentally elbowing her in the face. People weren’t talking about the elbow

Louie Season 4 Recap: “BACK” & “MODEL”

Louie’s 4th Season is back after what felt like two years! (Oh wait, it was) I’m so glad to be able to recap it for you every week! FX is at least making up for the long hiatus by giving us two episodes back to back every week, so yay! “BACK” [caption