Kratom Users Fight the Federal Ban of a Medicinal Plant

Detractors have called it “herbal heroin.” Advocates call it a harmless natural alternative to addictive prescription drugs that improves mental wellbeing and restores a healthy, pain-free life without side-effects. What is the real story behind the upcoming federal ban on Kratom, a plant that is unfamiliar to most Americans? The Kratom

Bullshit Book Report: “Health Secrets of Famous People”

“Health Secrets of Famous People” (Rodale Books) is an anti-carbohydrate manifesto written by a fairly hysterical author in 1961. It’s the sort of short nutritional guidebook that an independent press prepared during a time when popular holistic medicine was at war with the more scientific approach that emerged

Stroke Awareness Month: Why I’m Concerned When You Slur Your Words

My phone was ringing at 9:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. The caller ID showed my grandmother’s house number, which was strange. She never called me unless something serious was going on. I answered and my grandmother said six words that chilled me to the core: “Allison, your grandfather is

Fight Back Against Factory Farming: How We Can Help Kill the Industry

Factory farming or concentrated animal feed operations (CAFOs) is a relatively new method of farming that started in the 1920s with poultry, and soon expanded to a multitude of other farming industries. Since then, it has become the most accessible way Americans feed themselves. Most people don’t realize where their