Filthy Friday: A Little Extra Protein

I was in year three of the four years I spent at the World’s Worst Office job when I realized that my Big Girl Meeting Pants were feeling a bit … small. I couldn’t understand it! After all, it wasn’t like I was leaving work every night at five (or

Filthy Friday: Tampons are Gross, Period.

Editor's Note: This article deals explicitly with tales of bullying and includes derogatory gay slurs; and some readers may find it stressful or triggering. It's also disgusting.
When I was a teenager, I was terrified of the vagina. I had just watched the movie Alien and decided to Google the “facehugger”

Filthy Friday: Here’s The Poop.

I bet you’re one of those people who can’t remember the last time they pooped their pants. I bet that’s real nice. I bet you have an easier time negotiating rents, raises, and the price of that pair of Rag and Bone jeans you know you are always going to

Filthy Friday: Alive, Yet Dead

I’m going to tell you about this thing that happened to my vagina. And it’s a really gross one. I’ll wait here a second while you put down those yogurt raisins you were eating. Done? They’re back in the snack drawer? Good. Let’s begin. Just a for-instance, let’s say you’ve been