Fear Itself

This world has become a scary place lately, hasn’t it? Bombings, shootings, terrorists attacking, lone gunmen making treacherous plans, police brutalizing minorities, internet bullies leaking personal photos -- and that’s just what’s happening in someone else’s neighborhood, if you’re lucky enough that it’s not happening in your own.

Keeping Secrets

An eight-year-old girl lays in bed with her covers pulled tight around her chin. She squeezes a bear just as old as she is against her side. Her parents are in the hallway screaming at each other about any and every misdemeanor that had ever occurred in their

Survival is a Process

The first time he hit me was in February. In my mind he was a model boyfriend for a very long time before things got bad, which is why I continued to date him: because he had proved for many months how good he was and the instances

Writing on the Wall

Nikki Burdine wants to be my Facebook friend. Nikki Burdine is something of a minor celebrity; she’s an occasional news anchor and frequent reporter for one of our local television channels. Just this morning she popped up on the morning news show, covering for an absent colleague; I watched her

Voices of Domestic Violence: Dirty Little Secrets

Editor's Note: This essay contains descriptions of abusive behavior and explicit language.
There’s a dirty secret in my family that we all know but don’t really talk about. The secret is that for two years, I had the hell beaten out of me repeatedly by my ex-boyfriend. Apparently I wasn’t as

Why Aren’t We Talking About Janay Palmer Rice?

We talked about a lot of things, most of which we already knew: Ray Rice hit his fiancée in an elevator at a casino in February of this year. The NFL and Baltimore Ravens only suspended him for a measly two games, a lesser punishment than if he were caught

Brad Ausmus – Jokes About Wife Beating, Offers Non-Apology

Listen, if you’re from Michigan (or Ohio, like the better half of us), you’re used to sports teams that lose. It’s part of life. I was raised as a Cleveland fan -- Browns, Indians, and the Cavs. The cycle of my sports seasons are pretty predictable. The season starts out