A Personal History of Suicide and Recovery

I saw my new therapist yesterday. She's a wicked nice 30-something who seems to have her head on straight, and genuinely wants to help in my next stage of therapy work. At this point in my treatment, after several years, I've mostly resolved and closed the books on

Suicide is Tragic, But Don’t Call it a “Selfish Act”

Image: Melancholy by Marie Constance Charpentier, via Wikimedia Commons When I heard that Robin Williams committed suicide after suffering from severe depression, I was empathetic. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, something I don’t think people have when they say, “He was selfish,”

The Boy in the Picture Frame

“You don't know me but I wrote a novel about you.” These are the words I shared with him, with a bucket of colorful flowers in my cold hands, two weeks after his funeral. If you can bear with me, let me share my story. I was 16, depressed and in the clutches