Original Artwork and Photography: The Flounce Collection 2014-2016

Illustrations, photography, collage, graphic design, and sketches. I dug through our archives, and I'm sharing some of our favorite published and unpublished original artwork and photography from the past two years. We turned 2 this year (for a collaborative non-fiction site, this is some decent mileage) but, over time, have lost

Nostalgics Anonymous

On more than one occasion I’ve been accused of living in the past. This is a playful jab rather than a serious indictment, but I’m the first to put my hands up and say, “Guilty as charged.” I am a nostalgia junkie. It’s my most favorite vice, faster and

On Death in America: A Nigerian Perspective

The first time I saw a corpse was walking to the barracks with the house help, near 21 road junction, Festac Town. Actually, now that I think of it, that's not true. I did see Grandma's corpse, but her case is different. Her body was carefully prepared and placed in

Cranial Nerve: Summer History Textwreck

Isn’t summer great? Yeah, me too. But you know what isn’t? When my speech-to-text thingie completely mis-transcribes what I say into it. I’ve always fancied myself an articulate sort. Though, back in my hometown of Boston, people were thrown by my lack of local accent (Weh da fak yoo frum? Keeahnadah?). In

Soy Vay: A Multicultural Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving to my mother is the only day in the year we can eat with the family and not overload on matzoh balls, gefilte and kugel. I’ve never understood it. She’s never been one to play Mah-Jong with the girls or cook in the kitchen until the smells of judaism

The Doctor is Back, and Better Than Ever

Full disclosure: I am a complete and utter pop culture junkie, self-described nerd, and in general hapless geek. My SO is also of that bent. We began dating over a mutual love of SCA, Game of Thrones, Madden, tabletop RPG’s and of course, Doctor Who. Since the stunning regeneration of

Louie Recap: Season 4 Episodes 5&6: Elevator Parts 1-3

The overarching theme in these three episodes is Louie’s relationships with the women in his life--from his daughters and ex-wife to his past flame, Pamela, and a new Hungarian love interest, Amia. His youngest daughter, Jane, is going through a phase where she keeps acting out; running out of a subway