Unwelcome Roles: A Story of Sexual Harassment in Academia

A timeline of my last year in academia:
  • December 2011: Ask a materials scientist I’d been working with since 2010 if he’d be interested in advising my bachelor’s thesis project. Talk with the head professor of the materials science department, who’d be my official adviser with my colleague actually running the

Is Rape Culture Awareness Making College Men Celibate?

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A few years ago, one of my male co-workers was telling a story about his first semester at college. Let's call him Ted. Ted had just gotten back from a party, and walked into his dorm room to find his roommates having rough sex with a

College: Is it Worth It?

Recently, a Discover Student Loans survey was released that shows parents of college-age children are worried about having enough money to pay for college and 77% of those parents say they plan on helping their child - down from 81% last year. I am someone who did not go to