Fear Itself

This world has become a scary place lately, hasn’t it? Bombings, shootings, terrorists attacking, lone gunmen making treacherous plans, police brutalizing minorities, internet bullies leaking personal photos -- and that’s just what’s happening in someone else’s neighborhood, if you’re lucky enough that it’s not happening in your own.

Family Fault Lines: The Father I Failed to Forgive

“She said no. The words pushed past my lips in a hiss of fury. My pulse was beating in my ears and my throat was clenching closed, strangling my breath. There was a wide swath of counter between myself and my father-in-law, gleaming white and

Rotten Bananas

I love being in my 40s. I have a pass to do whatever I want. It’s also a pass to come into my own and let go of old, dysfunctional patterns. A couple of weeks ago, some friends invited me to come hang out at their house. The next thing

Congratulations, You’re Not a Woman Yet!

Why We Need to Decouple Puberty From Womanhood
I don’t remember what it was like to be flat chested. I do know that I was a B cup in 4th grade. This was not a traumatic transition for me. I still retained a childlike unawareness of my body, completely naïve

Walk a Mile: On Not Eating

Or Three Weeks Inside My Broken Brain

Girl falling in Restricted Eating Art

I HAVE A SECRET NOBODY KNOWS. Sometimes I don't let it out of its box in my mind. For months, even years at a time. Sometimes its whispers