Bullshit Book Report: “Health Secrets of Famous People”

“Health Secrets of Famous People” (Rodale Books) is an anti-carbohydrate manifesto written by a fairly hysterical author in 1961. It’s the sort of short nutritional guidebook that an independent press prepared during a time when popular holistic medicine was at war with the more scientific approach that emerged

Alan Cumming Confronts Horrific Childhood Abuse in New Memoir

I've always adored Alan Cumming because he seems like the kind of celebrity that, while completely deserving of fame, is unafraid to be himself because of it.  He's been vocal about his own bisexuality and backs numerous campaigns for equal rights in his home of Scotland and abroad, supported the

Walk a Mile: Paperback Profit Psychosis

I was standing outside a deli in Park Slope, Brooklyn on the day I went truly insane. Unemployed and desperate for money, my hobby of scouring the web for free books and reselling them had reached the point of bizarre. The plan had been simple: find the free book ads online, pick