Alan Cumming Confronts Horrific Childhood Abuse in New Memoir

I've always adored Alan Cumming because he seems like the kind of celebrity that, while completely deserving of fame, is unafraid to be himself because of it.  He's been vocal about his own bisexuality and backs numerous campaigns for equal rights in his home of Scotland and abroad, supported the

Gourmet Bugs: Edible Book Review

In her book, Edible: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet, author and entomophagist (that's "bug-eater" to you) Daniella Martin writes, "Many people say they 'don't like bugs,' are afraid of them, or are repelled by them on some deep,

Bullshit Book Report: Supplements Don’t Cure ADHD

The history of ADHD is relatively brief—the earliest record of its clinical description is usually traced back to the 19th century—but never without controversy. There are a variety of proposed treatment methods and purported causes for the condition. Yet there is still disagreement surrounding whether or not it’s a legitimate