Sirius Terminates Racist Shock Jock, Anthony Cumia: Opie Now Solo

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Between writing and publication of this piece, Anthony Cumia has deleted the majority of tweets on his verified Twitter account, including all of those related to this incident. Cumia stressed repeatedly that he would not do this because he was “the victim. I have nothing to hide.” I have attempted to recover many of the tweets via news outlets and Internet Wayback. The items published here are the least offensive ones, however they still contain strong and offensive language. 

Take Howard Stern, remove what little intelligence and likability he has, add heavy doses of overt racism, Men’s Rights rhetoric, and mental instability, and you now have Anthony Cumia of the Opie & Anthony Show.

Courtesy: Getty Images
Courtesy: Getty Images

The term “Shock Jocks” is almost too tame for some of their antics. Gawker has kindly rounded up a brief history of their idiocy in the name of “entertainment.”

Some of the highlights include the time Homeless Charlie and Anthony gleefully discussed raping Condeleeza Rice, or when they incurred fines from the FCC as the result of a stunt where they directed a 17-year-old minor on the proper way to rub her phone into her vagina, and the time Cumia wore blackface while performing a song about OJ Simpson. Anthony frequently mentions the word “mulatto” on his show, an obviously poor substitute for the word he would rather say, but can’t. His overbearing racism bleeds into every aspect of the show.

So what finally caused SiriusXM to fire his ass after years of deplorable behavior, misogyny and racist antics? According to Anthony, he was just out taking photos in New York City.

Allegedly, Anthony “accidentally” snapped a shot just as a woman walked into the frame, and she objected to having her photo taken. What happened next is sketchy, but according  to his twitter, Cumia claims the woman just started punching him “Because I was WHITE!!!!!!!!!”  The proof he offers for his claim that he was innocent and randomly attacked without any discussion is dubious as the pictures of his alleged attacker show a woman from a distance walking toward him while talking.


This incident only came to light after several people responded to Anthony’s tweet with the valid question, “Who started it?” When he claimed that the woman started it, simply because she was black, people asked the next valid question of “Why didn’t you call the police?” His response? “White boy/black girl. We’re DOOMED.” He then proceeded to go on a twenty-hour rant about the woman, her race, and then degenerated into stereotypes that most racists use in order to justify their hatred — Black people are inherently violent. Black women just want to be sexual objects. Black people won’t discuss. Black people are savages.

From Cumia's Twitter
From Cumia’s Twitter

SiriusXM released a statement saying it had “terminated its relationship with Anthony Cumia of the Opie & Anthony channel. The decision was made, and Cumia informed, late Thursday, July 3, after careful consideration of his racially charged and hate-filled remarks on social media. Those remarks and postings are abhorrent to Sirius XM and his behavior is wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXM represents.”

Cumia responded as victim mentalities often do:

From Cumia's Twitter
From Cumia’s Twitter


He’s not the bad guy, here, remember? Sure, he promotes websites whose mission it is to provide the facts about a race made up of people who are “not human, and won’t stay in their places.  They create, carry, and spread horrible diseases; and unweave the moral fabric of every society that accepts them.”

He isn’t a racist, he simply wants to have a conversation about something he feels passionate about. In this case, it’s stemming from his belief that “there is a set parameter for different people. I think you’re starting off at a certain base. Whether you can transcend that or not is very individualistic. But on the whole I do believe there are certain peoples that are, um, more advanced than others from the beginning, at the get-go.”


According to his twitter-feed, people are doing something horrible by trying to determine what actually happened. After all, he’s being completely reasonable in how he describes her.


Let’s move past the street harassment factors or the argument that the woman was in public and there was legal artistic basis for the photo, and examine the crux of what Cumia claims is the matter. He claims he was simply out taking photos and happened to catch a woman in the frame. He states that the image he happened to capture of her originally was a shot from behind and she heard the shutter as he took the picture. He claims she objected not via discussion but rather by an immediate leap to violence.  A man of some celebrity was allegedly assaulted and then battered by a woman. Why on earth weren’t the police notified?

Cumia claims that not only was there a very loud altercation between him and his alleged attacker, but five men also joined in. In addition to THEM, Cumia further claims that there were other bystanders. And no one called the police. Honestly, Cumia should have filed a report if he stands by the fact that he was completely innocent in this matter. To hide behind repeated statements that because he was a white man and she was a black woman and therefore no one would have done anything is crap. It perpetuates the very racism that Cumia is trying to deny.

No human has any right to lay hands on another human.. There are two sides of this that we will never know, because remember – we are only hearing Cumia’s side of this. There was no police report filed. There’s been no admission to any alleged actions by this unidentified woman. And there are arguments to be made that Cumia may have been acting as the primary aggressor and she felt the need to defend herself.

Unfortunately, if this woman did batter Cumia as he claims, she justified all of his beliefs — per his own admission on twitter — about the black community. He doesn’t have to hide in the racist closet anymore. He has justification: He was the victim of a crime committed by a black woman, and remember — all black women are violent.

When white women have taken him to task for his issues he either tries to explain himself (on his twitter page before he scrubbed it) or reduce them to sexual objects in order to dismiss them: “You’re ugly. Waste of time.” Either way, he hasn’t reduced them to a racial stereotype.

Hiding behind the comments that white people cannot have a conversation about race is also bullshit. White people can talk about race. It’s the only way we’re going to be able to go beyond our inherent privilege and understand what race really means. What people CAN’T do is be RACIST in the conversation.

Cumia was being RACIST.

According to the first amendment, he’s allowed to say whatever he wants to say. What people are forgetting, as with the Duck Dynasty issue, is that there are consequences for speech, especially when speaking as a representative of your employer.

Dress it up in all the rhetoric you want, Cumia, but you know exactly what you were doing when you used the words and phrases that you did. One cannot live in our current society and not know what racial epithets mean and do. While SiriusXM might take you back after a public outcry in a few days, this incident revealed yourself for what you really are. There’s no hiding it under the guise of trying to have a conversation or for ratings or as part of your “radio personality.”

We know that people like Cumia wouldn’t rant like this if they weren’t confident others would back them up. Cumia speaks for the racist population in this country. This only goes to show that population is alive and well – and doing exactly what he wants them to do.


Al Miller
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  • Kchgo

    He won’t admit he was taking creep shots. After this woman went off on him, he posted a pic of another one from behind and wrote something like, ‘now this one seems nice.’ The fact that he was taking pics of random women w/o their knowledge is getting lost in all the articles about him, yet it’s so relevant.

    He’s a piece of shit, and it’s satisfying to see him exposed as the idiot racist chump he is. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy-

    • botenana

      You are correct – he won’t admit he was taking creep shots.

      Because there was no admission, the arguments and laws regarding artistic merits, and the fact that there are millions of photos snapped in NYC of people without their consent every day that are truly artistic and not creepily done, I ultimately decided to not put that into the article, because, for me, we cannot prove the intent.

      We can surmise that this piece of shit human being was taking creeper shots and that someone decided they weren’t going to play along. We can assume that based on his past behaviors that this was just going to be further objectification of women in a career and life built upon that.

      And because he refuses to legally document his claims of innocence via a police report or incident report, we can surmise that he was doing something he should not have been doing – taking creeper shots because he’s a creep. Innocent people, especially those with the resources and celebrity that Cumia has would not allow themselves to be dragged through this if they truly had nothing to hide.

      It was a line that i had to walk, and I had to make the choice based on how I composed this piece – but I thank you for bringing up this point in the commentary.

    • mistercrispy

      Ironically, Cumia posted a couple of creep shots after he started his tirade, and before he realized the damage he was doing to his career. One of a man in nothing but a thong showing off his ass in front of a couple cops, and one of another woman in a tight dress from behind. Funny how literally nobody is talking about how, on the basic elements of his story, Cumia is lying his ass off.

      • Kchgo

        Agreed. His face-saving omissions are evident to people who’ve never even heard of him until this, let alone to his demented fan base.

        I think some of them know he crossed a line, but they’ll never say that. This post alone gives a few instances of his misogynistic, racist antipathy towards anything other than an all-white, gun-toting, dick-swinging society, and all his fans can say now is, ‘well, he had a gun and he didn’t shoot her. See? He’s a real stand-up American guy’. Like he deserves accolades for not shooting her after an altercation he provoked. He’s repulsive

  • WrongAsRain

    He claims she accidentally walked into the frame. Obviously not, and the fact that he lied about this just makes his whole story harder to believe. She is the only person in the photo–what was he trying to take a picture of? Scaffolding and an odd corner of a building? Also, she is directly in front of him, walking toward him from further down the street. By the time he lifted his camera, she would have been the only person on that sidewalk from a distance, and he snapped the pic when she was about 10 feet away–by the time she was within close enough to be identified. Oh, and she’s already waving him away in one shot, a clear “Don’t take my photo” gesture.

    • botenana

      On his twitter, he claimed that he was taking a picture of the scaffolding – and that anyone who happened to be walking through would have been in the picture. The picture of her walking towards him is not, as he would have you believe, the first picture. He later said that the first picture of her was from behind and that she heard the shutter of his camera. This led to her objecting and the confrontation.

      I agree that her body language was clearly indicating she did not want her picture taken.

      • JulaiOhMy

        This whole thing is to cover up his shameful scaffolding kink.

  • Erick Slobbo

    This article is based solely on the reporting and opinions of others. You have zero first hand information. Calling an attacker an animal or savage has nothing to do with racism. Why don’t you report on the black mobs of people who are beating whites to death in Detroit, you won’t. Because you only beat dead horses. You are an animal.

    • botenana

      This article is based on my firsthand information in regards to the Opie and Anthony show as well as my firsthand information in regards to Anthony’s own comments on his twitter feed.

      As are every other article out there about this piece. But thanks for your feedback! I need to go back and graze in the fields while you find more places that wrote about this story to comment on.

      Thanks for considering us worthy of your opinions in equality with CNN and People!

      • Erick Slobbo

        You cannot produce a single racist tweet. The tweets were taken out of context. Were they mean and deplorable? Probably. But racist? This man was attacked, a victim, was called racist slurs….somehow in our ridiculous liberal media we’ve turned the tables and blamed the white guy. He says I was attacked by an animal. That was turned into he’s calling blacks animals. It’s so wrong.

        • Jen Pink

          So when a fan tweeted, “It’s all women,” and Cumia said, “NO, I’ve never been assaulted by a white woman,” and said, “Then five blacks attacked me,” then launched into his “violence in the black community” tirade, none of that was racist? “Savage violent animal fucks prey on white people.” But he wasn’t making it about race, right? And he must have deleted all of his tweets “just because,” I’m sure it had nothing to do with regretting what a racist ass he is.

          • Erick Slobbo

            This is a perfect example of ‘taking out of context.’ Out of 24,000 tweets, those that make an article flow are the ones quoted. “Savage animal fucks” referred to the attacker and witnesses who did nothing. If this was a white attacker it would be a non-story. But this liberal white guilt movement makes it racist merely by the identification of the race of the attacker. Not one person has had a problem with the attacker singling out his race and calling him “white motherfucker.” Isn’t that the very definition of double standard? She says ‘white mother fucker’ – not racist. He says “five blacks” – racist. No one had a problem with Trayvon Martin calling Zimmerman a “crazy ass cracker.” But calling someone who attacked you (which happens to be a black woman and not a white woman) an animal is racist. If someone attacked you what descriptive would you use?

            Also, are you denying there is a problem with violence in the black community?

            I would wholeheartedly if you were to write an article that calling a woman a cunt and wishing her death is grounds for termination. But calling a man a racist and not being a able to produce a single racist tweet is irresponsible. All you’ve done is taken tweets that used words like “animal” and “savage” then a second tweet that came much later that said “black community;” pieced them together to say cumia calls “the black community savage animals.”

          • Jen Pink

            I eye-rolled at first, mostly out of exasperation over your ignorance because I think this performance was given in earnest, but then I got to the part about George Zimmerman and had to LOL. Please, feel free to continue outlining your arguments for all things poor-white-man. It’s more entertaining than I expected.

          • Erick Slobbo

            Typical response, almost the exact same sentiment as Whoopi Goldberg when she argued against the Redskins. Instead of proving your point with fact and counter point, you launch a personal attack and do the ‘white male’ thing. I applaud your writing skills, I despise your reckless point of view. You shouldn’t call someone a racist without documentation. Cumia is responding to tweets again. You should read them and write a follow up….include an apology.

          • Jen Pink

            Well, I didn’t write this, so…

          • botenana

            Jeeez, what do you think would happen if they found out a Jew wrote this?


          • botenana

            Anthony, I’m not apologizing to you. I’m not doing anything that comments on what you are trying to do to save face. Your tactics of employing the “DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING” defense when you realized how wrong you were are exactly what scared children do when they know they fucked up and there is nothing they can do to fix it.

            I already provided MY point with proof above – those images are tweets from his verified twitter account. YOU have the burden of proof to show that I’m wrong. YOU have the burden of proof to show that calling someone a “n****r cunt animal* on twitter isn’t racist. Or promoting a website called N**** isn’t racist.

            Not me. Now, get back to your compound and put together your little podcast about how you were the victim here – and that “5 homeboys” and a “cunt animal” who “immediately jumped to violence” instigated the entire thing.

            lrn2intrnt, keyboard warrior.

          • WrongAsRain

            Okay, dad, listen: now that the tweets are gone, it’s hard to explain, but actually at one point he even says, “I called her a &*$@! because that’s what she was” (obviously he wasn’t censoring his frequent use of the word cunt or others of the four-lettered variety). And let’s give him some credit here–when he says what a “jungle” it is at night in the city (it’s not) he fully knows that was a common (and you know this, too) 80’s racist concept that certain white NY yuppies embraced–“I had to yell at them like dogs.” It’s very Bonfire of the Vanities shit.

          • Erick Slobbo

            I called her a _____ cause that is what she was?

            She was a whore and a prostitute. Was that the missing word? Again, taking a tweet and turning it a racist remark for your argument. Still not proof of a racist tweet.

            He made an observation about a personal encounter. It was crude, but not racist.

            It is amazing that people do not see the double standard in America when it comes to racism. Nick Cannon makes an album called “White People Party Music” in which he is dressed in white face on the cover. Can you imagine if roles were reversed?

            Its just like Whoopi Goldberg telling Will Cain, “Spoken like a true white guy.”

            If you’re white, you are not allowed to address race in this country. Its that simple. You are unqualified as a white person to address racial issues. That is what the Whoopi Goldberg quote said.

          • mistercrispy

            No, Anthony thought because HE is white, he could spew racist, sexist garbage with no consequences.

          • Erick Slobbo

            You mean after being assaulted right?

            Then he suffers the consequences of race bating by being censored by uncensored radio. The same company that broadcast hardcore porn and gives a station to Eminem.

            Still, you’re saying he spewed racist tweets without providing any evidence of the sort.

          • PleaseKillMe

            Do you have any evidence of that? If so please provide a link. Thanks.

          • Jen Pink

            Weird, nobody invited me to the “White Folks Can’t Talk About Race” party.

          • PleaseKillMe

            The entire media did.

          • Duni Arnold

            Hey, who invited this guy? He’s a riot!

    • WrongAsRain

      Dad? I told you that you wouldn’t like this website.

    • Duni Arnold
  • relentless fuckery

    Nicely done. Remember kids: the First Amendment gives you the right to spew awful bullshit. It also gives me the right to tell you that it’s disgusting and racist. Your employer has every right to decide that they don’t want vile hate spewing around their workplace.

  • Mark Carlson

    Avid listener of the show, are ya? You seem to know am awful lot about Anthony and his “racism”. Anyone who listens knows for a fact that Anthony judges people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Get a clue.

  • PleaseKillMe

    An immensely bigoted woman like Allison calling others bigoted is just awful to read.