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At the end of April 2015, Jen Pinkley stepped down and away from The Flounce and, in her words, “handed over the site to more capable and enthusiastic” editors.

It’s been a rough year, and we’re the first to admit that we made mistakes. The good news is that we’ve been learning from them, and we have rectified issues within our ability.

We’ve also published some great content this year, from a variety of writers who submitted original and provocative opinions and essays. Publishing a blend of different voices and perspectives continues to be one of the site’s main goals.

The number  of blogs that get started and fall off in the course of a year is staggering. To make it even six months is an achievement worth celebrating. Today, June 1st, after 14 months learning the ropes, The Flounce is excited to announce our new vision.

The Flounce has always been dedicated to you — our readers and contributors. We provide the bandwidth for you to ask the questions you want to ask. We purposefully seek out advertisers that won’t interfere with our freedom to share our opinions and experiences.

We have never wanted to be simply “another woman’s site.” Other places have that genre covered.

Going forward, we will have our goals at the forefront of everything we do:

We reject the premise that online publishing has to fall into the same category as every other site. We disagree that the only thing worth writing is the same summarized press release, filled with backlinks to other summaries of the press release, with nothing new to say.

We refuse to accept that only those places who join mega-networks are the only worthwhile places to read about culture, issues, and personal essays.

We believe that the writer’s own experiences can shape perspective on current events, issues and culture, and that revealing personal experiences when reporting can enhance a journalistic opinion without overlooking the facts. An incident in your life that changes your attitude or one moment of clarity is a valuable part of our social experience, so we emphasize storytelling, and sharing our stories, above clickbait, celebrity tabloid headlines or selfish introspection.

Personal. Hilarious. Raw. Thought-provoking. TF approaches life, the universe and everything with a keen pen and a cocked brow.

We’ve been doing this for a year, and we’ve finally figured it out. Please, join us for the next year. We’re only here because of you.

Rebecca Chance & Al Miller


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Rebecca Chance
Rebecca Chance is a writer and editor living in New York, often referred to as the "dour voice of gloom." Email (for a good time) or for more appropriate reasons, like pitching an article, whether it's about irreverent pop culture or a damn serious social issue.