Original Artwork and Photography: The Flounce Collection 2014-2016

Illustrations, photography, collage, graphic design, and sketches. I dug through our archives, and I’m sharing some of our favorite published and unpublished original artwork and photography from the past two years.

We turned 2 this year (for a collaborative non-fiction site, this is some decent mileage) but, over time, have lost some of our most talented contributors to the natural selection of the publishing world. Some former Flounce writers are also now teachers in their fields. We are honored to have helped provide even the smallest stepping stone for those who have gone into careers in the arts.

The first creative director of this site, who I would not hesitate to call a visual genius, was Elizabeth Liew. We have included some of the few rare graphics she designed when the The Flounce was established in 2014.

Because The Flounce is not a content mill nor a clickbait library, and due somewhat to our reluctance to manufacture outrage based on the latest trending Twitter hashtag, this site has remained an indie non-fiction blog. But we’ve accomplished for the most part what we set out to do — publish original writing by a variety of authors from all walks of life, and exhibit and promote original artwork.

On some occasions, the artwork was thrown together by several different Flounce contributors. Someone would come up with an idea for an image, one of us would sketch it out, and then we’d run it by the author and ask for feedback, and yet another person would enhance and polish the final image using design software. For those collaborative images, I have credited “The Flounce” as the artist. There are far too many people to name and thank for their ideas and contributions.

Every artist featured on the Flounce retains full rights to their work. Please don’t use their images without permission. You can write to us at publisher@theflounce.com to ask for further information about our artists and contributors.


EU illegal activities GDP | The Flounce

EU Illegal Activities. “Good News: Sex, Drugs and Booze Boost Italy’s GDP.” Article and artwork by Elizabeth Liew.



Strong Man Sketch. By Rebecca Chance. Article: “Increase in Male Rape Statistics Bolsters Feminist Arguments Against Rape Culture” by Duni Arnold.



Over the Shoulder. By the Flounce. “But You’re Supposed to Go to the Police” article by Lex Discipulus


Girl falling in Restricted Eating Art

Girl Falling/Restricted Eating Art. “Walk A Mile: On Not Eating.” Article and graphics by Elizabeth Liew.


Infamous thigh gap in eating disorder art

Sensation/Infamous Thigh Gap. By Elizabeth Liew. 2014.



Everyone is Pregnant. By Rebecca Chance. “Everyone is Pregnant But Me” article by Shae Rosa.


JUNE 108

Rescued Cat. “Animal Hospital: Prayers Do Not Work.” Article and photo by Chantal O’Connor.

Sunrise on a balloon-filled skyline in Cappadocia.

Sunrise on a Balloon-Filled Skyline in Cappadocia“Travel: Orhan Pamuk’s Turkey.” Article and photography Firinn Asch.


hipster racist


Hipster Racist. By Rebecca Chance. “The New Racism.” Article by Bully Oshin


-Transformation of a Burn Survivor.-

Transformation of a Burn Survivor. By Dina Peone. Article: “Fascinating and Disturbing: An Interview with Artist Dina Peone.”



Still Life. By Dina Peone. 2014.


A poet's imprisonment

A Poet’s Imprisonment. By Dina Peone. 2014.


ghost lover

Ghostlover. By Dina Peone. 2014.


Untitled borders

Untitled Borders. “Redline to Twinbrook” Article and photography by Ashlie Stevens.


FullSizeRender (1)

Lagos, Nigeria. “On Death in America: A Nigerian Perspective.” Article and photography by Ebele Mogo.


nude sketch lying down 2

Nude Lying Down. By Rebecca Chance. “No Ifs, Ands, or Butts About It: America’s Obsession With Women’s Asses” article by Sarah Beth Kaye.


red flag article 25

Red Flags. Illustration By Milo. “Harrasment, Abuse and Apologism: Sanitizing Abuse in Social Justice Spheres,” article by Anastasia Wythe.


the sign says no stopping.

No Stopping sign in front of the Estelle Unit, a prison 10 miles from Huntsville, TX. “There’s Something Rotten at the Estelle Unit.” Photo and article by Erica Gammill.


statue of liberty face palm (2)

America’s Internet Fame. Image created by the Flounce. 2014 (previously unpublished).


purgatoryfinal1“My Own Private Purgatory.” Image and article by Noel Chrisjohn Benson.


for Fina with border resize sig

For Fina. By Rebecca Chance. “Voices of Domestic Violence: Is the Hardest Part Over?” by Sarafina Bianco


Photo Courtesy Dina Peone

Photo by Dina Peone. “Voices of Domestic Violence Essay Series Curated by Sarafina Bianco.”



“Keeping Secrets.” Article and photography by Kara M. Haas

take all the seatsTake All the Seats and Shut Up. “Censorship, Avoidance, and Groupthink in Social Justice Culture.” Article and illustration by Rebecca Chance.



Rainy Day. Photo by Dave Kassirer.



Write, Dammit. By Rebecca Chance. “Write, Dammit!” article by Christine Madigan.


boy in the picture frame

The Boy in the Picture Frame. By The Flounce. “The Boy in the Picture Frame” article by Leyla Laleci


saffy and Mom, pool

Baby and Mom in pool. “Family Fault Lines: The Father I Failed to Forgive.” Article by and photo courtesy of Kaz Weida.



“Child of the Fallen Sky.” Article and photo by Elizabeth Stephens Gregory.



“An Orphan with a Living Family.” Article by Christine Colbert. Image by the Flounce.


the donald

Donald Trump’s Fucking Face at the Fucking Republican Debate. By Rebecca Chance. 2016.



Rebecca Chance
Rebecca Chance is a writer and editor living in New York, often referred to as the "dour voice of gloom." Email rebecca@theflounce.com (for a good time) or for more appropriate reasons, like pitching an article, whether it's about irreverent pop culture or a damn serious social issue.
  • Shyama Laxman

    This is an amazing collection. We are always so worried about competition, about not being as good as the other person or about not being good at all. But sometimes, it’s important to set aside our insecurities or preconceived notions and look at the amount of talent that we are surrounded by and just feel happy. I think all artistic voices have a space under the sun and can exist in harmony, sharing and learning from one another.