Hulk Hogan Needs His Twitter Taken Away

The Hulkster isn’t having a good week. If you’re not a wrestling fan, that’s totally fine. The summary that you need to know is that Hulk Hogan and Bubba the Love Sponge used to be friends. Really close friends, in fact. So close, that Bubba used to record Hulk nailing his wife. On one of the tapes, Hogan went on a HUGE racist tirade because his daughter, Brooke Hogan, was in a relationship with an African-American.

The night before everything got published, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) scrubbed his presence from the organization. The excerpts were reprinted, and they are pretty vile. Since then, Hogan has been on a desperate PR campaign on Twitter to prove that he can’t be racist because he has black friends, too — going so far as to post a picture of him with Shaq. Sure, he’s choking Shaq in the picture, but what’s a little violence between friends?

Today, however, has been BEAUTIFUL for us who enjoy watching people who thought they were untouchable get what they deserve.

It started with him retweeting a picture of him and Laila Ali — a woman who he has credited many times with saving his life — by a random phone call while he was contemplating suicide. Touching, yes, but a little opportunistic given the circumstances. A few hours later, he RT a fan’s picture with a message of support — who happened to be black. Except he wasn’t a fan. He’s Kolo Toure.



Then other people picked up on it:


hulk hogan 1

That’s Emmanuel Ebove and Andrey Arshawn, hugely famous former players in the English Premier League.

hulk 2


That’s Efe Ambrose.


hulk 3


The Sidemen – British Youtubers, who do a lot of Let’s Play videos.


hulk 4

Mauro Zarate


hulk 5

Danny Welbeck and Jack Wilshere, players for Arsenal.


hulk 6

Yea, that’s Drake and Rio Ferdinand.

hulk 7


Akinwale Arobieke, who is pretty infamous due to some interesting things involving him.

And the icing on the cake? This wonderful RT:


obama hulk


You’re not helping yourself out at all, brother.

I get it, he might not know some of these people, being from the US. Maybe he’s not a football fan. However, for a guy in the middle of a absolute shitstorm right now, you’d think that he would have SOMEONE handling this, that would have noticed that these tweets are using the same text, or at least knew who Drake was. Someone, please take the phone away from Granpa.

h/t: R/SquaredCircle

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    hahahaha this really cracked me up. Take the phone away from grandpa indeed.

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