What the Hell Happened to True Blood?

Spoilers for True Blood Ahead

The last season of True Blood premiered on Sunday, June 22 and everything was just a chaotic mess that left me scratching my head and asking myself, “What the hell happened to this show?”

There was a time when Sunday nights for me were ALL about True Blood. When the show first started, those first three seasons were perfection. The show was sexy, campy, sometimes it made you think and it had plenty of male eye candy to boot. Then. very slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, things started shifting from campy to just plain ridiculous (and not ridiculous in a fun way, but in the way that makes you want to throw something at your TV). The storylines became more and more over the top, our main “heroine” got more shrill and unlikeable, and honestly, I was tuning in to see Alexander Skarsgard drop trou more than any real plot development. Yes, I know. I’m part of the problem.

But I was sad as more and more of my favorite characters became simple caricatures of themselves. Tara was always one of the best characters in the show; she was tough but loving, she was funny and she always told people off who deserved it (SOOKIE). Then, they went with this whole “let’s make Tara a vampire because she hates them” plot which COULD HAVE been interesting but they sort of gloss over her existential crisis in an episode or two, and soon she’s pole dancing at Fangtasia and being treated like Pam’s slave and falling for Pam. I mean, Pam’s fabulous, but Tara never got any character depth besides “angry black woman.” Why?

Were we supposed to feel sad that on the very first episode of this last season, Tara died? After seven years we had never really bonded with her so, no. It was cheap. It sucks because Rutina Wesley has great promise as an actress and the Tara of seasons one and two was a character whose death I would have definitely cried over.

And it isn’t just Tara. I think most of the characters now have become tedious and predictable (except for Pam and Lafayette!) and it’s disappointing to think the rest of the last season will be like this. But I’m an optimist. Here are 5 things I think could happen to turn this whole thing around and make this an awesome last season.


Pam is awesome! She suffers no fools, and she’ll keep the story going because she doesn’t have time for any bullshit. And she seems to be the only one interested in finding Eric right now, which brings me to …


And I mean the REAL Eric. Not the puppy-dog “I love Sookie” Eric. Eric the Northman. Together again with Pam. But AWAY from Sookie. I mean, they can still help “save the world” or whatever they’re going to do this season, but just do it AWAY FROM  SOOKIE.


He deserves it. It’s about time. Please? I mean, what other reason does he have to stay at this point? Run, LaLa! Run!


I know, I know. This one is controversial. But I think that secretly this is what she wants because she still loves Bill and you know Bill is all about SOOKIEEH! So, he turns her and no other vampire is going to be like, “Oh my God, what are you?” and start that vicious cycle all over again.

(Mark’s alternative to this was that everyone in the True Blood verse stop believing in fairies and they they will all die LOL).


Because girl deserves it, damn it. And I like her.

Okay yes, my suggestions are totally biased but come on, they would still make for an exciting last season!

What do you want to see happen this last season of True Blood?

Kat Pao
Kat Pao lives in South Florida with her Curmudgeon Love, Mark, their punk rock toddler, Francesca, their saintly dog, Bruce Campbell and their fatass dick of a cat, Bela Lugosi. She loves being a Pop Culture/TV Analyst and loves that writing about TV gives her yet another excuse to watch more of it. Did she mention she loves TV?
  • http://www.theflounce.com AlexisO

    I have to agree, Jon Snow and I have been watching TB since it premiered and after Sunday I was left with a feeling of “Meh, I could’ve missed that.” because.. what. the. fuck. happened?

    I agree with the first three seasons being good, but now I feel like it’s going the way of Dexter where it’s rinse, wash, repeat just with different characters and Sookie banging different guys. There doesn’t seem to be any upwards mobility.

    Also, Sookie saying “I love you” to Alcide? WTF is that? I miss REAL Vampire Eric too. I don’t know how they’re going to end the show unless everyone dies. It feels like pace is too slow to end things properly.

    Do you think Tara’s really dead? If so, what a terrible anticlimactic way to go. They didn’t even show it. But the actress’ comment about “You’re never really dead on True Blood” prior to the show start was like “Oh, ok?”

    • http://katcanblog.wordpress.com/ Kat Pao

      I read somewhere that she (Rutina Wesley) did an interview and she was really dead. And I understand it. What else was she going to do?

      • http://katcanblog.wordpress.com/ Kat Pao

        Plus she was really only likeable with Pam but Pam is all about her maker right now.

        • http://www.theflounce.com AlexisO

          I totally agree with her likability going down. I’m just really confused by her death being so fast and really just.. glossed over. Was there some sort of scheduling or personality conflict? She was a core character and just to go out like that was pretty lame.

          • http://katcanblog.wordpress.com/ Kat Pao

            I just think the writers just didn’t care about her anymore. It’s sad. You look at those first few seasons and they were trying to actually be something than just a “campy vamp show” I mean sure, there were tons of campy laughs but there was a lot of more nuance to the show.
            Sookie and Alcide? Please. That’s not going to last. Tim Bill forever.

  • Dennis

    I’ve never found Sookie likable. Second dumbest protagonist I’ve ever seen. Haven’t seen this episode yet, but this is the way it seems a lot of these HBO shows go when they have no history (or at least historical context) to ground them (like Boardwalk Empire), and even then they still go overboard with too many cris-crossing crazy story lines. And to be fair, True Blood was way over the top to begin with.

    • http://www.theflounce.com AlexisO

      I agree with you about the storylines and how they were just ridiculous. I miss the old days of TB. I don’t think all shows need history to be grounded, I mean, I was a fan of Boardwalk Empire but I lost interest in it, I haven’t finished this last season. I appreciate B.E. because who decides to kill off a main character? I was sad to see Jimmy go but was impressed. Also, that scene with Owen in the box gave me chills.

    • http://theflounce.com Jen Pink

      I never made it past the first few episodes for exactly this reason.

    • JenniS

      I read some of the books and have heard too many people say that the show butchers the books and goes completely off the rails. That kinda shit irks my last damn nerve. I stopped watching after a couple of episodes because Sookie annoyed me.

      Sookie (in the show, she annoyed me less in the books) is right up there with Bella from Twilight for me. Damn irritating bitches, the both of them

  • Melinda

    I don’t think Tara is “gone”. Pam would’ve felt it and they would have shown that. Rutina just came up with a cheeky response. Of course Tara’s dead! She’s a vamp. I agree Sookie got really annoying last season and Alcide is such a weak character with this “I love Sookie shit”. Joe is so damn hot, but Alcide is really killing it for me. Other than the two of them, I liked Sunday’s episode and I’m sad it’s ending. I’ve been watching since season 1 episode 3 aired. Damn I feel old.

    • http://www.theflounce.com AlexisO

      I was thinking of that as well – Pam would’ve felt it. BUT perhaps the times don’t match up? I didn’t brush up on TB before watching the new episode, did they show her booking it to Morocco? Or did they just put her there?

      • Melinda

        I remember her saying goodbye to Tara saying she was going after Eric. I think it’s the same time.

  • http://twitter.com/ashliejefferson Ashlie

    Why did it look so low budget? Is there a new director? Did they shoot it on a Motorola razr?

  • http://twitter.com/ashliejefferson Ashlie

    Did they shoot it all in one take on a high school stage? Did they make Bill do his own makeup? I mean this must be a joke.

  • Megan

    I guess i’m the only one desperate to see Sookie and Eric end up together. I think they suite each other. And Bill is just annoying. Not to mention he kinda threw her under the bus then expected her to come back, where as Eric has looked out for her ever since they had their thing. Also, Eric’s hot and Bill looks like a dad.

    • Abbie

      I’m team Eric too! Even in the books, but then the author decided suddenly that Sookie ends up with Sam! Who does that!!

      • http://katcanblog.wordpress.com/ Kat Pao

        Wait she’s with Sam in the books?!??!?!

    • http://katcanblog.wordpress.com/ Kat Pao

      I was Team Bill in the very beginning. That first season was amazing and those two had HEAT. Then it all just … SOOKEHHH

  • Abbie

    Stopped watching after season 5. Damn. Just like the last installment of the book, the story’s going downhill. I was so addicted to the show and the book too. But then everybody involved in creating the story, book or the show, looked like they took some V blood themselves and now are so high they forgot they were creating a good show.

  • Acidpoptart

    final season, so I’ll be a fan until the end, but I have to say it is a bit predictable (sookie do something stupid and need saving). I also though Tara wasn’t actually dead until the most recent episode, when Pam confirmed it. My thoughts were if Tara was killed by the vamp would have taken her mother? OR maybe Tara defeated the vamp and her mother killed her (now that might be interesting)!!!!! either way I have to say her death was anticlimactic. In fact even Alcid’s death seemed to make me yawn. I don’t know if the writers changed but they need to build on the death scenes. I feel like the recent deaths have been casual conversations.. oh yeah, by the way did you hear you know who is dead…boring.

  • Fred J

    They need to kill Sookie, like Pam said this week, she’s like a fungus that just won’t f*ck*n die! Pam needs to rip her heart out. Cure Eric and have him stake that ridiculous mf Bill. Then have him go back to his throne at Fangtasia with Pam. Sam and LaFayette go back to Merlotte’s. The End. Cue the Leftovers….way better show now. wait… Did anybody else not care when Alcide died? I do miss Tara tho, but get rid of her mother already….

  • Aileen

    Now that Bill and Eric have been struck with hep v,i want Sookie to be turned into a vampire and some how her hybrid blood be a cure for hep v,just not liking the idea of Eric meeting tge true death x

  • Noneya

    This whole god awful show would have been worth watching if they would just kill that ugly, annoying, dumb, gap toothed beech Sookie off…and not as a vampire either. I can’t stand looking at her for the few minutes she’s whining, I couldn’t imagine her loving forever. Ugh!