So, This Happened: A Table-Flipping Moment on Real Housewives of NYC


In last week’s season finale of The Real Housewives of NYC, Aviva Drescher threw her prosthetic leg at another housewife.

She raised her chin high and, making sure all eyes were on her, loudly declared in her best indignant voice, “The only artificial or fake thing about me (dramatic pause) is THIS!” Then she threw her prosthetic leg on the table. She was not sure that everyone in the room paid enough attention to this, so she then threw the prosthetic limb at at another human being. All because her castmates had wondered if she’d lied about having asthma and that’s why she had skipped the trip to Montana they had all been contractually made to go to Kristen had invited them to go on for fun.

This makes the whole Teresa Guidice of the New Jersey Housewives flipping a whole table (full of delicious Italian food) at her castmate Danielle Staub while yelling “You prostitution whore!” a few years back seem almost innocent.

Look, I read the essay by social critic and “dissident feminist” Camille Paglia over at Bravo about how the The Real Housewives Franchise has revived the soap opera genre and it isn’t just entertainment —it’s a lifestyle. She goes on to say The Real Housewives are updated, real-life versions of women from Knots Landing and Dynasty. That Andy Cohen has “alter[ed] and redeem[ed] the pop culture landscape—which had been suffering for years from snide snark and pseudo-hip cynicism.”

I can see her point, this type of “trashy” TV has always had a soft place in our hearts whether we like to admit it or not. We say we hate-watch it. We watch it for shits and giggles. Or, I watch it for research, of course. You know how I always take one for the team here at The Flounce.

But, come on. Is this what it’s really come to? Are we now throwing prosthetic limbs at each other?

Will there come a time when we’ll have these women turn to us and ask, “Are you not entertained?”

Please discuss.


*Oh, and if you are so inclined, you can watch the whole debacle go down at I suggest doing it for the reactions alone. Luann reacts exactly as I would, I’m (not) ashamed to say.

Kat Pao
Kat Pao lives in South Florida with her Curmudgeon Love, Mark, their punk rock toddler, Francesca, their saintly dog, Bruce Campbell and their fatass dick of a cat, Bela Lugosi. She loves being a Pop Culture/TV Analyst and loves that writing about TV gives her yet another excuse to watch more of it. Did she mention she loves TV?
  • AlexisO

    I’m ashamed that this show exists.

    • Kat Pao

      I am ashamed that I watch it. I need a support group. Please help me find help!