What is The Flounce?

The Flounce is a website run by a handful of people who came together to prove that entertainment needn’t be exploitative to also be compelling or informative, and corporate interest doesn’t have to come at the expense of healthy communities. By giving a platform to working class men and women with widely varying cultural backgrounds, and supporting a space for healthy debate and dissenting voices, we seek to transcend the boundaries that define and separate us.

What is your comment policy?

Don’t be a dick. We reserve the right to delete spam, or comments that are hateful, bigoted, pornographic or intentionally inflammatory in nature.

What is your policy on trigger warnings?

We feature posts about a variety of issues, some of which may reference sensitive topics and raw or graphic anecdotes. As a courtesy to readers who may feel unexpectedly triggered by the content in an article, we often include warnings labeled as an “Editor’s Note.” If something has been mislabeled or if you see something that we might have missed, please shoot an email to publisher@theflounce.com, or get ahold of us on facebook or twitter, and we’ll get it fixed.

What can I do if you did or said something I disagree with?

In everything we do at The Flounce, we strive to be true to our values.

We respect the validity of diverse opinions and believe that debate, civilly and thoughtfully presented, broadens minds. Our community is open to all voices, whether they agree with opinions expressed in our articles or not. We do not expect to always agree with each other, nor can we expect you to always agree with us.

If you disagree, please feel free to express it in the comment section – but remember that comments must adhere to the comment policy, and that if your comments are simply abusive, pornographic, or profane in nature, they will be removed. We believe in freedom of speech, but not the freedom to be a dick at the expense of someone else.

Can I publish something on The Flounce?

Sure! As long as it’s smart, unique and won’t get us sued, we invite you to pitch us stories and commentary about every industry, on any continent, and from any walk of life. While there are plenty of outlets for professional writers out there, know that we’re more interested in providing a platform for average folks who wouldn’t ordinarily have many opportunities to share their voices with the rest of the world. You can find our submission guidelines here.

We also have a passion for philanthropy and social enterprise, and are committed to featuring stories about up and coming non-profit organizations, devoted public servants, and individuals in need. If you would like to see us highlight your pet charity, a special interest story, or a community call to action, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at pitches@theflounce.com.

How can I illustrate or photograph for The Flounce?

We are always looking for new illustrators and photographers to work with, and are particularly interested in pieces of photojournalism. We commission contributors whose skills and styles are a good fit for individual articles. Please read our art guidelines to learn more about becoming a contributor.

Do you publish product reviews?

Only if somebody sends us stuff for free, doesn’t expect us to return it, and understands that we’re under no obligation to say anything positive. If something sucks, we’re going to say so. If something is amazing, we’ll sing its praises all day. We might even invite you to advertise with us. We adhere to FTC regulations regarding blogging disclosure, and no, we’re not going to “bend the rules” just for you. If you’re still interested in requesting a product review, email us at publisher@theflounce.com.

What is your advertising policy?

Please see our advertising policy in full.

If you still have further questions, please feel free to email us at publisher@theflounce.com, rebecca@theflounce.com, or allison@theflounce.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.