Crippling Student Loan Debt? Auction Your Virginity

It’s hard out there for a grad student. Even more so if you’re a 28-year-old medical student, self-described as an “extremely picky virgin-whore.” Elizabeth Raine, however, isn’t doing this for financial gain or 15 minutes of fame. Instead, she says, “What makes my virginity auction truly distinctive is that I am exceptionally well educated, financially independent, and entirely willing to lose my virginity in this manner; in fact, I think it is a fantastic idea!”



On March 31st, Elizabeth Raine (not her real name) posted online her intent to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. The auction was supposed to close on April 31st, but with the horribly photoshopped, faceless pictures all over the website, apparently there wasn’t enough interest. This week, however, the auction was extended to May 7th, and facial pictures of a Sarah Michelle Gellar lookalike decorated the site.

From Elizabeth Raine's website
From Elizabeth Raine’s website


This is apparently a journey of self-discovery for this woman. After all, she claims that she has had led an extremely charmed life! Born in a foreign country to wealthy parents who provided her with the best education money could buy, Raine naturally drifts to the next great adventure in all girl’s lives: Selling herself for sex.

The website and blog reads like the erotic friend fiction of Tina Belcher. It’s very hard to believe that this was written by a woman who claims to have such an impressive educational background.


She gives out advice that reads like a Seventeen column. In the “Interview” section of the website, she cautions young women who might be interested in selling their virginity against it. It’s okay for her to do so, however, because “I believe my mature age, advanced education, and financial independence are critical reasons why my virginity auction is okay, not to mention why my virginity is so rare.”

 The only redeeming factor in this mess is Elizabeth’s viewpoint on prostitution, which she states “is a very simple and stigmatized label for a complex and diverse profession.” She goes on to state that while many sex workers are oppressed, she doesn’t see an issue with consensual prostitution and advocates for the elimination of anti-prostitution laws, which is pretty awesome.

 But, if I’m going to lay out $800,000 to take a woman’s virginity, I’m not convinced that this is the one for me.

virgin whore 

So, future virginity sellers, here’s some pro-tips on designing a website that will make me want to pay a non-refundable fee of $100.00 for the chance to boldly go where no man has gone before. I’ve chosen the list format, because it’s one of Raine’s favorite ways of communicating as well:

 1. If you’re going to do a website, make sure you can write. If you can’t, hire a copywriter, especially if you claim that you’ve got two bachelors and are working toward your PhD.

 2. Your pictures shouldn’t be obviously photoshopped.

 3. If you post a “face” picture to confirm your identity, please make sure that it matches the rest of your supposed body.

 4. Speaking of your body, your ass needs to match up in every picture, otherwise I’m not bidding. I don’t believe you can go from no ass to substantial J-Lo booty and blame everything on lighting and angles.

 5. Don’t be a libertine when you’re trying to convince me to part with my money. I’ve talked dirty on the phone for a living before and frankly you could use some tips. Search some PSO ideas to learn how to come off haughty, yet sensual.

 6. Don’t repeatedly assure me that this isn’t a publicity stunt. It’s about as convincing as a six-year-old telling me over and over again that they aren’t trying to sneak cookies when their hand is in the cookie jar.

 7. Don’t talk about how you’re fighting against the stigma of “slut-shaming” in interviews. You’re not fighting stigmas. This isn’t a political thing. Don’t wrap it up like that, unless you plan on giving your proceeds to the “oppressed” prostitutes you talk about. If you plan on pocketing all the money you make, then keep the politics in the same folder as your blog entries.

 8. Virgin whore? Really? Are we in a porno movie now? This is why you need a copywriter.

Feminism is, as she states, all about being empowered to make your own choices. As a feminist, I have to respect her choice. As a former sex industry worker, I am flat-out gagging at the money she’s going to make if this is legit. Think of all the Louboutin’s she’ll be stocking in her closet. Ugh. If only I had made better choices, led an affluent, ex-pat lifestyle and had not made boys a priority.

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