Cranial Nerve: Summer History Textwreck

Isn’t summer great? Yeah, me too. But you know what isn’t? When my speech-to-text thingie completely mis-transcribes what I say into it. I’ve always fancied myself an articulate sort. Though, back in my hometown of Boston, people were thrown by my lack of local accent (Weh da fak yoo frum? Keeahnadah?). In written communication of late, I’ve had to rely on my devices’s dictation features, and on multiple occasions, I’ve come close to ninja-starring my laptop, tablet, and phone into every wall of the house. The robots just don’t understand me. So, maybe I’m not that articulate after all.

Anyway, in light of what is arguably the best season of the year (unless you live…anywhere), I’m going Mary Poppins with it: you find the element of fun and SNAP! The job’s a game!

I have dictated a series of historical events, all of which took place during summer months, into my electronic device. I will provide their dates and what stupid thing the robot thought I said.  You try and guess the actual event.

For example:

July 2, 1964 – Judging from the civil rights act.

Answer: Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act

*Bonus points if you read the clues into your speech-to-text and it translates it to the correct answer.

Summer History Textwreck

And you’re much, except, go!

Paula Kelley
Borderline-expert on so many things that are damn near useful.
  • AlMiller

    10/13 – I’ll take it. I think some of it was my phrasing. I really liked this one, good job!

  • Blahblee

    This was so much fun. 11/13. But I used the hints.

  • Aaron Tap

    Aw, c’mon! 11/13 is TOTALLY awesome!

  • DoofMartin

    Now with functioning average score bar graph!