Cranial Nerve: This One’s on the House

A house is not a home. Especially when it’s an overused metaphor. It is a cranky TV doctor (who is, incidentally, a Holmes). It’s also a glorious song by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Check out this 1964 performance by Dionne Warwick.

Has there ever been a composer/lyricist/singer trio more tailored to one another? WHAT? You can’t answer that based on just one example? Well, here, take this quiz, instead.

Fill in the blanks to complete each phrase. They all begin with “House of.”
Use the clues. For example:

Q:  Not a very hokey pokey.  House of _______.

A: Corrections

Now, go forth and conquer. You have 300 seconds. (That’s five minutes, according to the house of learning.)

Paula Kelley
Borderline-expert on so many things that are damn near useful.
  • Blahblee

    I did a shit job. Only got 9 answers correct. I was advised not to post my results, but hey, you can’t tell me what to do.

    • DoofMartin

      I respect the pushback. And now you can take it again and cheat!

  • botenana

    Yea, I got two right, so no one should feel poorly!

    • DoofMartin

      Okay, that settles it. I’m adding hints.

      • botenana

        oh no, i’m just terrible at these things!

    • might as well be Wendy

      I only got three and I can’t even believe that. I am awful at these things.

      • botenana

        Same here – let’s revel in our awfulness together. LOW SCORE CLUB, Y’ALL.

        • might as well be Wendy

          High fives!!!!!

  • KO

    I performed terribly. LOL Hard azz quiz!