Cranial Nerve: It’s Lonely at the Bottom

In this age of who’s offending whom, who’s complaining about having to be politically correct because they are offending whom, and who is too lazy to come up with a better and more accurate term for “politically correct” already because whom says it’s time, there is one segment of the world that has been grossly overlooked by even the most geopolitically sensitive among us: the Southern Hemisphere.

For one, the fact that they’re the Southern Hemisphere in the first place—the bottom of the world, the heel of the globe—is sheer bad timing. If those damn Europeans hadn’t made the first map, the land down under could have been known as the land up over. Bing Crosby’s “Green Christmas” could be the biggest selling single of all time. But first come, first served on latitude. It’s the way of the world, so to speak.

There are repercussions for the flagrantly Hemi-centric lifestyle we North-dwellwers have enjoyed. There is unrest. There are already upside down maps being made…and sold! To the public! Can you fathom the mayhem that would ensue if we were to suffer reversed Carolinas and flipped Dakotas? What kind of America would that be? Not North America, I can promise you that!

So while they’re icing over in July’s winter chill, let’s give our pals on the south side their well-earned day in the sun…lest they disabuse us of our bequeathed super-equatorial privilege.

It's Lonely at the Bottom

Below you will find a series of questions pertaining to the Southern Hemisphere.
Answer them like the circumnavigator you always wanted to be. Or are, if you’ve circumnavigated the globe. If you have done that, though, what the hell are you doing here?
Let’s do this!

Paula Kelley
Borderline-expert on so many things that are damn near useful.
  • Blahblee

    Ha, I thought I knew geography so well. Guess not. 49%. I’m going to go sit with an upside-down globe in the corner for a bit.

  • KO

    30.77 That’s a got dayumb shame! Hard a$$ quiz

    • DoofMartin

      Man, that teachers a jerk!