Cranial Nerve: Aggronyms

It’s true that as people who speak, we rarely know what we’re talking about. It’s also true that we often don’t even know what the words we use mean. So why should we know what a bunch of letters grouped together stand for? Do you even think about what you’re saying when you talk about the ACLU? You never talk about the ACLU? How about the NSA? All you conspiracy theorists are too busy shaping your tin foil hats to bother with looking up initials, right? Well, the joke’s on you: it means Nuke Sitizens At once.

But, you ask, who cares what these danged letters stand for? You already know what the whole thing means. Well, the answer is clear: If you ever get stopped on the street by a TV host who asks you what the D.C. after Washington stands for, you don’t want to look like one of these poor saps who doesn’t even know who the vice president is.


I will provide an acronym and a blank space. You use the blank space to fill in the words that the acronym stands for. If you have no idea what said acronym even is, click “hint.”

I have assigned varying point values based on (my opinion of) level of difficulty. Spelling counts, though there is some leeway on punctuation and gratuitous words. You will not be docked points for skipping questions.

OK. Go on. Git!

Paula Kelley
Borderline-expert on so many things that are damn near useful.
  • Blahblee

    Aw, I got the French right but I didn’t put in the right accent characters and I put the ‘ in the wrong place. So I’m giving myself an extra point.

    I love how with each of these quizzes, I get schooled on things I THOUGHT I knew.

    • DoofMartin

      Heh heh. I actually put a few different character omission combinations in as acceptable answers, but I suppose I did not allow for straight up wrongitude. Hmmm. Does that mean I believe lies of omission are all right, but flat out untruths are not? Looks like I have some self-reflection to do. But it’s too hot here today.