My Hair Nightmare

I am not blessed with good hair genes; it’s baby-fine, unmanageable and I hate it, so thanks, ancestors! Along with doling out shitty genes to the first born, I inherited a general disinterest in all things cosmetic, which turned to fear when I got a spiked round brush tangled in

Write, Dammit!

Hi there, crew.  Have you ever wondered why there are about umpteen billion blogs abounding all over the internet?  They seem to breed faster than rabbits.  All it takes to start a blog is an email account and access to the internet. Any monkey with a keyboard and a couple of

The DOs and DON’Ts of Considerate Faithlessness

The word atheist is charged with controversy. In both definition and application, it’s a bit of a negative word (especially in Western religious circles) associated with an amoral people who believe in “nothing,” who threaten the values of the faithful. Even among non-religious people, the term is often passed over