He’s Not Just a Kid: Dylann Roof and the Southern Culture of Denial

At 8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 17, a 21-year-old white male named Dylann Roof entered Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (known to many as simply "Mother Emanuel") and asked to speak with the Pastor, Reverend Clementa Pinckney. He was welcomed inside without hesitation, and was invited to pray with

Autistic Girl Grounds United Flight: Discrimination or Parenting Fail?

Does an autistic teenage girl pose enough of a risk to a plane full of people that it requires an emergency landing? A United Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Salt Lake City to remove an autistic 15-year-old girl, after her parents told the flight crew that their daughter

A Demand for Justice in Norman OK After Three Students Were Raped and Bullied Out of School

Editor's Note: This story contains descriptions of sexual assault, which may be triggering to some. All statements were given directly to the Flounce during interviews with advocates, students, and sources close to the victims, unless otherwise noted. Some details are from victims' statements as published by author Anna Merlan at

Research for All: The Movement to Include Female Subjects in Clinical Trials

Take a look around your medicine cabinet.  Many of us will find an array of over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, vitamins, supplements, you get the idea -- but most of us have little information about the history or chemistry involved with each. Some drugs, like the revolutionary antibiotic penicillin, were discovered completely