Kratom Users Fight the Federal Ban of a Medicinal Plant

Detractors have called it “herbal heroin.” Advocates call it a harmless natural alternative to addictive prescription drugs that improves mental wellbeing and restores a healthy, pain-free life without side-effects. What is the real story behind the upcoming federal ban on Kratom, a plant that is unfamiliar to most Americans? The Kratom

The Dark Portrait of a Nation: Is Trump Really “Like” Mussolini?

Republican nominee Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the RNC was terrifying. It was far more cynical than any RNC speech I’ve seen in my lifetime, reciting the scary “facts” about crime and terrorism, predicting total destruction of our country by the Democratic Party. His emphasis on the threats we face,

The New Wedding Band: One Size Fits All

The Supreme Court's ruling today not only granted marriage to each and every citizen of this country, but also a affirmed what supporters have been saying for the last 37 years -- we are on the right side of history. Two, five, or 10 years from now, this issue will seem