Cranial Nerve: Aggronyms

It’s true that as people who speak, we rarely know what we’re talking about. It’s also true that we often don’t even know what the words we use mean. So why should we know what a bunch of letters grouped together stand for? Do you even think about what you’re

Cranial Nerve: Metal Health

The line between genius and madness has oft been called a tenuous one. The line between madness and metal has oft been called invisible. We all know about Ozzy Osbourne biting the heads off winged creatures. It’s not news that Judas Priest was taken to court, accused of causing two boys

Cranial Nerve: Plu-Perfect

Pluto, the dwarf planet so shamed barely a decade ago by insensitive “scientists” and “scholars” is this week exacting its revenge and then some. “Bitch, I’m a planet, and LOOK AT ME!,” Pluto was quoted as saying, accompanied by photo spreads in most major news outlets. With its exquisite spherely shape, the

Cranial Nerve: Summer History Textwreck

Isn’t summer great? Yeah, me too. But you know what isn’t? When my speech-to-text thingie completely mis-transcribes what I say into it. I’ve always fancied myself an articulate sort. Though, back in my hometown of Boston, people were thrown by my lack of local accent (Weh da fak yoo frum? Keeahnadah?). In