Globelamp’s Elizabeth Le Fey on Feminism, Sean Lennon Drama, Abuse and “The Orange Glow.”

"Foxygen aren't that rich or big. If I was just a fame seeker or gold digger I would pick a bigger band. I'd go after Dave Grohl or The Chili Peppers," Elizabeth Le Fey (who performs under the name Globelamp) laughs. "That's a really dumb argument." It's a lighthearted moment in a

Bullshit Book Report: “Health Secrets of Famous People”

“Health Secrets of Famous People” (Rodale Books) is an anti-carbohydrate manifesto written by a fairly hysterical author in 1961. It’s the sort of short nutritional guidebook that an independent press prepared during a time when popular holistic medicine was at war with the more scientific approach that emerged

Cranial Nerve: Aggronyms

It’s true that as people who speak, we rarely know what we’re talking about. It’s also true that we often don’t even know what the words we use mean. So why should we know what a bunch of letters grouped together stand for? Do you even think about what you’re