Kratom Users Fight the Federal Ban of a Medicinal Plant

Detractors have called it “herbal heroin.” Advocates call it a harmless natural alternative to addictive prescription drugs that improves mental wellbeing and restores a healthy, pain-free life without side-effects. What is the real story behind the upcoming federal ban on Kratom, a plant that is unfamiliar to most Americans? The Kratom

The Dark Portrait of a Nation: Is Trump Really “Like” Mussolini?

Republican nominee Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the RNC was terrifying. It was far more cynical than any RNC speech I’ve seen in my lifetime, reciting the scary “facts” about crime and terrorism, predicting total destruction of our country by the Democratic Party. His emphasis on the threats we face,

Original Artwork and Photography: The Flounce Collection 2014-2016

Illustrations, photography, collage, graphic design, and sketches. I dug through our archives, and I'm sharing some of our favorite published and unpublished original artwork and photography from the past two years. We turned 2 this year (for a collaborative non-fiction site, this is some decent mileage) but, over time, have lost

Bullshit Book Report: “Health Secrets of Famous People”

“Health Secrets of Famous People” (Rodale Books) is an anti-carbohydrate manifesto written by a fairly hysterical author in 1961. It’s the sort of short nutritional guidebook that an independent press prepared during a time when popular holistic medicine was at war with the more scientific approach that emerged

The Flounce Non-Fiction Writer’s Award 2015

Win a $500 award and a $120 donation to a charity of your choice. Deadline for submissions is Dec 5. CONTEST RULES Submit to a non-fiction essay based on a personal experience or real life event. Starts: October 13, 2015 Ends: December 5, 2015 Word count:  1,000 – 3,000 words. Using an experience from

From the Publishers

At the end of April 2015, Jen Pinkley stepped down and away from The Flounce and, in her words, “handed over the site to more capable and enthusiastic” editors. It’s been a rough year, and we’re the first to admit that we made mistakes. The good news is that we’ve been