Weekly News Roundup: Castle In The Sky, The Club Sandwich Index, and Real Game of Thrones Incest

The past week has certainly been an interesting one. We’ve had a brave hero feline, Sony shares dropped 7%, The FCC voted to move ahead on net neutrality, and Donald Sterling pretended it was opposite day. But what about the interesting news you may not have

Jay Z and Solange: A Brief Word on Double-Standards

Since early this week, the media’s been on fire about recently-released surveillance footage of Solange Knowles, sister of Beyoncé, attacking hip-hop artist Jay Z (Solange’s brother-in-law) in an elevator. The event, despite still being fresh, has proven fertile breeding ground for memes, jokes, and general guffawing. The Daily Beast called

Increase in Male Rape Statistics Bolsters Feminist Arguments Against Rape Culture

Tuesday, Slate published an article by Hanna Rosin titled “When Men Are Raped,” arguing that men are sexually assaulted with an incidence significantly higher than previous estimates, and that the perpetrators in such cases are frequently women. The article takes a fairly nuanced and sympathetic look at sexual assault as

Bullshit Book Report: Supplements Don’t Cure ADHD

The history of ADHD is relatively brief—the earliest record of its clinical description is usually traced back to the 19th century—but never without controversy. There are a variety of proposed treatment methods and purported causes for the condition. Yet there is still disagreement surrounding whether or not it’s a legitimate