Leaping Without a Net, Quitting a Job You Hate

One of my favorite things to read about on the Internet is an inspiring story, especially those that tell of people quitting their 9-to-5’s and just opting out of a job that makes them unhappy. I love those stories because I wish I could be one, but I’m not a

Suicide is Tragic, But Don’t Call it a “Selfish Act”

Image: Melancholy by Marie Constance Charpentier, via Wikimedia Commons When I heard that Robin Williams committed suicide after suffering from severe depression, I was empathetic. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, something I don’t think people have when they say, “He was selfish,”

My Hair Nightmare

I am not blessed with good hair genes; it’s baby-fine, unmanageable and I hate it, so thanks, ancestors! Along with doling out shitty genes to the first born, I inherited a general disinterest in all things cosmetic, which turned to fear when I got a spiked round brush tangled in

I Don’t Drink

Hi, my name is Alexis and I don’t drink. I’ve never had a problem with alcohol and I’m not “sober” as defined by AA , I’m “sober” because I don’t like drinking.  While I can’t speak to the struggles of those working toward sobriety and changing their entire lives, I

Fight Back Against Factory Farming: How We Can Help Kill the Industry

Factory farming or concentrated animal feed operations (CAFOs) is a relatively new method of farming that started in the 1920s with poultry, and soon expanded to a multitude of other farming industries. Since then, it has become the most accessible way Americans feed themselves. Most people don’t realize where their

The Customer is Not Always Right

As I leaned over the man’s shoulder, trying to get a better look at his miniature laptop, another man interrupted and literally waved me away. “I got it,” he said. Pulling the computer closer to him, he began clicking and typing again. I bristled and stood up straight, but